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No Carillion worker should see their family go hungry, default on a bill or miss a rent or mortgage payment for a crisis they did not cause. [...]
May's judgement questioned as new DWP Secretary is handed health and safety brief previously removed after worker safety scandal. [...]
Tragic example of failures of privatisation and outsourcing requires Government to intervene to protect public sector work, says GMB. [...]
Foster carers' union welcomes Education Committee's backing for key recommendations as step forward for recognition of fostering. [...]
Health Secretary's promotion in PM's botched reshuffle is putting ambulance patient’s lives as 5,000 wait more than an hour during winter crisis. [...]
Loyal, skilled and hard-working ambulance staff are now facing a very unhappy New Year says GMB. [...]
Fyffes 'Poisons 13 Women'
What guarantees do British consumers at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and others have that Fyffes bananas and pineapples aren't covered in the same pesticides and conceal the same inhuman farming practices asks GMB? [...]
GMB has said over and over again that it is willing to negotiate for as long as it takes to reach some kind of offer that is capable of potentially reaching a resolution to this dispute, even in the short term. [...]
Union demands Government puts UK manufacturing first and insists on strong anti-dumping legislation to give the new Trade Remedies Authority the clout to protect our markets and thousands of high quality manufacturing jobs post Brexit. [...]
Everyone apart from the Health Secretary seemed to see this crisis coming a mile off says union [...]

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